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Why is it so damn hard for a woman to be alone?
Even Eve
had this:
     didn't save her.  
He didn't lead.  
He let her go;
he let
her do that
awful deed –
the one
for destruction,
the one
for hatred
     for Eve
for ALL.
She could have blamed him,
And he, her…
With each to blame,
what lies they could weave –
It was the beginning…
and human nature.
They had each other.
But then
     – right then,
He still stood by her –
into the very
         of the world,
He was right,
it all seemed
to be
all her fault,
so irrevocably
this horrific fall.
Even if
was so
and absolutely
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lil' me by n0spoon lil' me :iconn0spoon:n0spoon 0 0
as it should be
i can see it coming
god how i love it
when your strong hands
snatch at me
when your strong arms
enwrap(ture) me
when you bend me
pull me
grind me into a shape
that suits you
against you
you lift me
move me
bite me
excite me
a thousand places all at once
such urgency --
and awful
these moments in divinity
i give you me
receive, receive, receive
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The storm is full of petty threats:  
hail, lightning, thunderous bravado...
and my dog falls for every one of its tricks.
He's not accustomed to such growling from the skies;
for him, each boom and flash of light is a sign of attack,
a report of bombs or other atrocities
steadily nearing our position.
He doesn't understand the gift in a rainstorm,
that these mountains are one day further away
from becoming like those damning desert sands
that can teach such hates;
He doesn't understand how,
even within these extremes,
he is safe.
He will not take comfort;
He cannot believe.
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The Marine
My father was a Pisces,
Twice slimy,
Doubly likely
to be
Desperately flopping
in the grounded world,
Desperately seeking
a return to his native whorl,
to breathe again
in the habitat of the hidden,
to sink into
the darkness of his perfect cold,
that darkness seething in his soul,
a darkness soothing,
home, sweet home.
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blank page
blank blank page
blank blank page
page that is no longer blank
square monster
single, evil
white eye
unblinking but dozing
a stroll into fog
dulling fog
page of emptinesss
even full
absolutely empty
all the words
just words
echoes in the mind
of humankind
or screams
in the fog
whisper or scream
into the blank
whisper or scream
whimper or scream
and stare at the monster
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I read your words over and over again.  
I cross-examine them and search for additional witnesses, but no one can confirm this guilt.  The words are admitting nothing further; their vagaries are infuriating; but no assault will trigger the confession, and I must go home, alone, to live with this failure, knowing I'll be trailed by the shadowy figures, dark-alley nightmares and broad-daylight hints, resolving into nothing, and leaving me wondering where my mind went.
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Behind the Flag by n0spoon Behind the Flag :iconn0spoon:n0spoon 0 0 Trail by n0spoon Trail :iconn0spoon:n0spoon 0 0 Toes by n0spoon Toes :iconn0spoon:n0spoon 1 2
Watched silently
As a shadow
dodged across the street
Chased by a chatter of leaves –
No one
Could know
but you.
Of the well-meaning
Curled to
A fetal ball
And bared their fangs.
Chased by a scatter of dreams –
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On High by n0spoon On High :iconn0spoon:n0spoon 0 3
u thought u knew me
i know
u thought
i’d be sorry
for sure
some day.
for sure
some day
u thought
i’d know
i’d be sorry
i’d see it all
like u.
some day
comes to me
each day
and now
u know
for sure
i’m not
at all.
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simple and right
The air is cold, but comforting,
                              alive.  Foot falls on the crunching leaves make an ordinary yard
                      into a magical forest.  
The trees sway in anticipation of company – one lovingly skins my knees as some way to touch me.  My blood seeps through and blends in with the bark – simple and right.  
I let loose my imagination and off it goes to play in the branches,
      flitting from one to another with the rustle of bird&
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I am excavating, reclaiming.
Too long I have been controlled, repressed, always trying to find my way through the other man's world.  I have been made to walk an invisible road leading only to this poverty, to this barely-survivable bottom rung of society -- my own trail of tears.
My own feet carried me here.  I did not rise up along the way, kill my captors, did not raise the battle cry:  freedom or die trying.
Instead, I watched, waited to see the results, to see where I would be led, thought: patience, bear this and make it my own way after.  But I have found that death waits in patience, lurks in my uncertainty.  And there is no "after," only more of the same.
In a way, I am selfish.  I do not want to live my life offering succor to others, to die as a comfort instead of a person.
So I am reclaiming.  I am trying to be brave.  My time and energy -- my emotional center -- my language stolen
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Peace in Fruita by n0spoon Peace in Fruita :iconn0spoon:n0spoon 2 7

Random Favourites

Stairwae to Eleven
There's so much sunny play this morning of May,
who's April showers brought heavenly floral hours.
"Smile as Lips," say the pillars… "
"& to who say we sailing today;
we as Friend who happy to be as you to welcome this into place…
The Place where goodbyes caterpillar into hellos that forever sing as say,
(Harmonies nurturing bay)…
Cuddle and Pray…
    Tonight became Today!?"
:iconzaemura:Zaemura 4 5
Huang Shan Mountains by foureyes Huang Shan Mountains :iconfoureyes:foureyes 8,362 986 my aura by lizaminell my aura :iconlizaminell:lizaminell 1 1 pout by loish pout :iconloish:loish 5,007 464
I walk along this road and see this wilderness rise before me.
Walking through the broken bodies of the people that ignored me.
walking through the ashes of the ones i used to know.
walking through the broken homes.
Where love was rarely ever shown.
then suddenly i realize that this destruction is real.
Its not what is to come.
This is what IS.
No more time to heal.
And i see this wasteland is what i truly feel
broken, ashen inside me.
things that never healed.
i walk along this road and this waste surrounds me
I stumble through the debris
knowing this isnt how it should be.
i shouldnt have let this happen.
i shouldnt be alone.
I shouldnt have let this destruction become my broken home.
Yet since this is what is and not what will be,
it seems that i cant change it.
It seems im stumbling in my own estrangement.
So these bad-lands are mine.
Something I, myself, created
But if this is in me...
then i, myself, am hated.
For i hate this desert i've made
thus, i hate what i'll become.
I'm af
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